Royal Oak Youth Assistance is committed to helping children and
families reach new heights by providing a number of key services.

Emergency Needs

Emergency Needs

Emergency Needs GrantsEvery child under 18 who lives in Royal Oak or attends Royal Oak Schools...

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Emergency Needs Grants

Every child under 18 who lives in Royal Oak or attends Royal Oak Schools whose family is low-income qualifies for a $200 emergency needs grants once per fiscal year. We have copied the income guidelines here, but please don’t worry if your 2020 income puts your family over the limit. We understand that many families are facing a sudden loss of income and will work with each family on a case-by-case basis.
We do not write checks to individuals. Our suggestion would be that you request help for rent/mortgage, utilities or another pressing bill in order to free up your own resources for groceries and immediate needs. We can pay many bills electronically. If your request is specifically for groceries, we can get you a grocery gift card. If you need gasoline for transportation, we can provide a Speedway gas-only card quickly.
You must fill out a separate application for each child. Please e-mail for an application.  Please be sure to call 248.219.6502 for more information. We will try to be nimble in providing help during these challenging times.


The Skillbuilding program provides funds to youth who can benefit from a learning experience. This could include tutoring, dance, music/art lessons, sports activities/equipment, or other needs. Our goal is to try and help kids have the opportunities that all kids should have, regardless of family circumstances. Requests come from parents or guardians. Any youth who resides in the city of Royal Oak and demonstrates a financial need is eligible. Click on the link below to print an application for Skillbuilding. The form must be filled out completely and mailed back to Royal Oak Youth Assistance

Family Education

ROYA’s Family Education Program offers a series of classes and workshops to help parents understand the issues facing today’s families. The classes focus on improving parent-child relationships and other issues. Programs are available for young people from elementary school through high school. Please call our office for more information.

Mentors Plus

“People Listening and Understanding” This program provides identified children within the community with the opportunity to have a positive and successful relationship with a caring adult. The intent is to build a trusting relationship, which will enrich and benefit a child’s life. We match trained adult volunteers with children in need of a special friend.


Royal Oak Youth Assistance is staffed by professional caseworkers. Counseling information and referral services are available to families in order to help avoid official court involvement. Parents, friends, schools, police, outside agencies and concerned citizens may make referrals for services. Participation in our program is voluntary and family centered. These services are confidential and free to the client.

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